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Having the right network infrastructure and tool-sets is key to a healthy, secure and reliable network.  Our team of networking and cybersecurity engineers at juggerTECH provide 24x7x365 real-time protection and firewall monitoring.

Maintain Visibility Into Your Infrastructure

Our team of cybersecurity engineers will manage your events and alerts to provide you with actionable intelligence and remediation.  We will validate, confirm and add context to offenses before alerting your team.


Threat Review

Identification of vulnerabilities in your environment before they can be exploited.


Report on Results

A list of devices will be provided that need to be patched and recommended next steps/actions to be taken.


Full Technical Report

Threat hunting on select devices 24x7x365, freeing up your staff to focus on other things.


Our team will triage, analyze and investigate security alerts generated by the SIEM.  Every security alert analyzed and investigated by our SOC engineers constitutes the use of one investigation and becomes an incident.  All incidents will have an associated ticket.

Hardware Health

Hardware health monitoring of the SIEM platform and related alerts do not count towards the use of an investigation.

Increase Your Protection Based on Your Needs

Complex businesses may require more expert solutions.  We offer expert Professional and Managed Cybersecurity Services based on your specific business needs.

Professional Services


SIEM Health Check

Evaluation of an existing SIEM deployment to review asset inventory and historical data.  Results and recommendations will be generated through reporting to bring alignment of the SIEM environment with industry best practices.

SIEM Implementation & Migration

Whether implementing SIEM for the first time or deciding it's time to improve upon your established security, having expert-level SIEM involvement will allow or a smooth and successful implementation or migration, ensuring your environment rests on solid architecture.

SIEM Policy Tuning

Streamline your engineer's security investigations by fine turning and auditing security policies that set rules for alert generation.

Managed Services


Managed SIEM

Our Managed SIEM service provides management of security events and alerts by using actionable intelligence and remediation.  Our team will validate, confirm, and add context to offenses before alerting your team.  This services analyzes and investigates potential threats to identify malicious activity.

Vulnerability Scanning

We can provide one-time engagements for Vulnerability Scanning or on-going managed services.

This service provides an evaluation of your infrastructure for software/firmware vulnerabilities and an evaluation of device configurations for security gaps.

Vulnerability Scanning integrates with SIEM platform for additional data enrichment and context of alerts.

A member of the jugger Ecosystem.

As part of the juggerTECH Cybersecurity Ecosystem, you can be rest assured that each product and service offered by jugger Technologies meets the most stringent security requirements and offers the fullest integration between products and services. We are dedicated to developing our own intellectual properties, products, and services that offer a wide array of affordable solutions.  We allow our customers to choose the specific tools, from our ecosystem, that meets the security needs and budget of your organization.


We're Here to Help

Our team is here to provide you with more information, to answer any
questions and to provide innovative solutions for your business.
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